• BE ACTIVE is a mindset and a lifestyle

    It is time for change.

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    Active adjective

    \ ˈak-tiv \

    : producing or involving action or movement

    - Merriam-Webster


    Many of us spend too much time in front of screens or sitting, which keeps our bodies inactive for long periods.


    According to CDC, inactivity can lead to several health conditions, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, anxiety, and depression.


    It is time to develop an ACTIVE mindset and lifestyle.

  • Innovative gadgets to keep you active

    Improve your fitness at work and home

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    Enjoy Comfortable & Active Sitting

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    Provides back support for standing desks

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    Prevents dry & cracked heels

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    Improves focus and relieve stress

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    Alternates standing and sitting at ease

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    Reminds you to take a break

  • Create innovative products to revolutionize fitness at work

    About Us


    We are a team of young professionals, mostly working from home in Boston. 


    We learned an important lesson during the pandemic: too much screen time and sitting time is bad for us and can cause bodily discomfort (e.g., back/neck pain, foot numbness, leg discomfort, and dry eyes) and emotional discomfort (e.g., exhaustion and low productivity).


    This is all because of inactivity, meaning "the state of doing nothing." 


    So, we started brainstorming and creating gadgets to combat inactivity at work or home. 

    These gadgets help us significantly, and we hope they help you be more active and improve your fitness at work or home.


    It is time to BE ACTIVE.

  • Our Blogs

    Share best practice, ideas and gadgets to improve fitness at work

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