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Improve productivity and be healthier

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We spend 8 hours at work a day. One third of our life at work overall!

We are not talking about hardcore gym work here, as a full on-site gym is inaccessible to most of us.

Rather, below are some best fitness at work ideas you could try while you are working or during your break. Those are light-weight but are easy to do.

Why wait?! Let us start.

1.  Calf Raises

You can do this either sitting or standing. Life up your heel, shift your weight toward your palm part of your foot, feel the tension of your calf and then push down your heel. Repeat this for 10 to 20 times every 30 minutes. You also could alternatively do calf raise between both legs. Or you want to try something intensive. Follow the guide below:

2. Strengthen Legs

Exercise your legs are easy while you are sitting in a chair. Below are some quick leg strengthening drills that you can when you ever have a break.  

3. Desk push-up

Ever want to train your upper body? Desk push-up is a way to go. This exercise would help build shoulder, pec and triceps power.

4. Chest Exercises

Chest? Yes. You only need an office chair to do this. It is very versatile, as you can do forward and backward exercise.

5. Neck Stretches

We spend so much time in front of computer. Neck tension is a common discomfort many people experience. Stretching your neck and shoulder every 30 minutes will help you keep good posture and refreshed.

6. Fix Neck hump

A humped posture is not pretty. But for many people, that is a posture you are never aware of until you see yourself in a mirror. A good news is that you could help fix neck hump with some quick exercise like below.

7. Wrist Stretches

If you ever like me type all the time, this wrist exercise is a must have. These will reduce wrist pain & tightness due to holding the same position for an extended time.

8. Foot stretching

When you sit too long, your foot might feel numb or tension. If you stand for an extended time, you foot and ankle might feel increased discomfort. Those are particularly an issue for people with flat feet. So try to do some foot stretches!

9. Lower Back and Torso Stretches

When you sit or stand for an extended time, you put too much weight on your lower back. This would cause chronic lower pack pain. So, it is important that you keep active and stretch lower back frequently during your work day.

10. Full Body Stretching Routine

If you want to spend 10 minutes every one hour, you could do a full body stretching routine. This is specifically useful for people working at home as you have more room.