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Quick workouts to do at your home office during the pandemic

How to stay positive and active at home

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Due to COVID-19, many of us start working at home, just to stay safe and secure from the deadly virus. We should not forget staying active and doing exercises, even though home is our sweet and relaxing spot.

There are different creative ideas for indoor exercise while working from home, and you don't need any exercise machine. Here are some incredible tips for exercises to do at your home office:

1. Walk from time to time

Whether you have a small house or a big one, you can just start walking while having break after every hour. Also, you can make a schedule of timely walking. Your body is reaping different benefits whenever you walk. The key is to stay active and moving away from your computer!

2. Stair workout

If you are ambitious, a stair workout is the best exercise to do at home. If there are stairs in your home, doing stair workout can quickly boost cardiovascular at different levels. Set a time for this workout, like moving up and down after one hour. Be cautious and start slow! It is like a more intense workout that will boost your heart rate.

3. Push-ups from the wall

Wall push-ups are perfect and easy workouts, as they could strengthen the pectoral muscles and are perfect for beginners. Make sure you don't close your elbows, as this can overexert your elbows because of getting injured.

4. Desk Pushups

If you find wall push-ups is weird, you can do desk push-ups while working at home. It will increase mobility, improve balance, tighten your body and give you the energy to focus on work more precisely. All you need is to stretch your legs and put your hand on the desk and start push-ups. Make a schedule of desk push-up and do it every one hour.

Indeed, COVID-19 is the most challenging time for us, and we all feel tired from work from home. The above are some exercises to do at your home office. These simple workouts do not need any equipment; you can do it when you take a break from remote working or computer.

So, stay positive and active at home!