• How it works

    Keeps your feet and legs active | Improves blood flow to your feet | Discreet & non-disruptive

  • Your feet and legs can "fall asleep" while sitting


    The exerciser is designed to keep your leg active while you are sitting or standing at work. The raised spring pad would provide good resistance to flex and straighten your calf muscle and knee. The ergonomic-designed heavy density memory foam supports your foot arch when you step on the pad.



    • Foot numbness or loss of sensation (often called “going to sleep” )— occurs because the nerves leading to the foot are compressed while you sit.


    • When you stand up and blood flow resumes, your foot may feel numb. You may feel a pins-and-needles sensation before the feeling returns to your foot.
  • ActiveMove Foot Exerciser: Stimulate foot and leg movement

    Keep your feet and legs active and comfortable

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    Ergonomic design

    The unique middle bump matches your foot arch and provides responsive support with the asymmetrical design of the toe pad and heel pad

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    Arch bump 

    Stimulate foot and leg movement for calf and ankle exercise

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    Active mode: Calf raise

    Raise one heel at a time and push the tops of your toes over the bump

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    Active mode: Ankle flexion

    Keep your ankle stable and flex the tops of your toes

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    Active mode: Calf raise (both feet)

    Raise both heels together and push the tops of your toes over the bump

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    Active mode: Ankle flexion (both feet)

    Keep both ankles stable and flex the tops of your toes

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    Active mode: Horizontal use

    Turn the exerciser horizontally and keep exercising

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    Discreet: Use it whenever you want

    Non-disrutpive while sitting at work, reading, or watching TV

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    Great value over other solutions

    More mobile and versatile than a standard footrest or exercise bike

  • Engineered for Premium Quality

    Satisfaction guaranteed | 30-day money-back guarantee
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    High-density memory foam

    High-quality memory foam is durable and responsive with plush comfort

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    Anti-slip bottom with rubber dots

    Rubber dots with a unique pattern prevent the Foot Exerciser from moving around on the floor

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    Premium flannel cover

    The premium flannel cover is soft and warm, easily removable, and machine washable

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  • FAQs

  • The Science

    Evidence-based product design and development

    Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to help you do everyday activities safely and efficiently

    Mayo Clinic: https://diet.mayoclinic.org/us/blog/2021/functional-fitness-is-it-right-for-you/

    Prolonged sitting is a risk for all-cause mortality, independent of physical activity

    Arch Intern Med: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22450936/

    Increasing physical activity in adult populations is central to the prevention of obesity and major chronic diseases.

    Arch Intern Med: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamainternalmedicine/article-abstract/1108794

    Exercising your feet regularly not only improves overall foot health but may also reduce your risk of injury

    Harvard Medical School: https://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/exercises-for-healthy-feet

    Standing and seated calf raises are the best calf-strengthening exercises

    WebMD: https://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/strengthening-calf-muscles

    Start Moving: Why Inactivity Is Hard on Your Knees

    Noyes Knee Institute: https://noyeskneeinstitute.com/inactivity-hard-knees